"We love the buzz of the crowd..." Pilar's Catering Returns!

If you attended Cuisine & Cuvée last year, you will welcome the news that Pilar’s Catering is coming back for this April’s event. Everyone remembers Pilar’s because of the perfectly cooked, hand-carved roast beef.

An institution in the busy Toronto catering scene, founder Pilar Carr started her company 14 years ago. Her team members are event pros. "We are masters of offsite catering. Fourteen years of honing our skills have taught us to deal with anything and still be able to produce restaurant quality food in the most challenging of settings," she says.

Pilar’s philosophy is that memories start with great food and cooking is an art. "Whether you’re chopping crisp vegetables on a wooden cutting board, placing a thick, porterhouse steak to sear on a well-oiled grill, or dispensing fresh penne pasta into a pot of boiling, salted water, there are sights, sounds and smells which are, in their own way, art... each example can make for a great memory," she says.

Pilar is enthusiast about once again supporting Cuisine & Cuvée. “We thrive on the excitement. We love the buzz of the crowd, seeing what other industry professionals are doing, and the feeling of being a part of something that is much bigger,” she says. “It feels great to be successful enough that we can help others.”