The Official Wine Storage Club of Cuisine & Cuvée is Back!


The Vintage Conservatory is one of Cuisine & Cuvée’s most respected partners, and we know our event guests will be happy to see its continued support. As the “Official Wine Storage Club of Cuisine & Cuvée”, the Vintage Conservatory houses all the wine (over 450 bottles) for our Fine Wine Auction!

The Vintage Conservatory is a private club for people who collect wine and like to entertain or do business with bottles from their own collection. Founded in 2010 by Costa Patiniotis and Andrew Smith, The Vintage Conservatory opened its doors with very humble beginnings. Andrew, especially in the early years, was instrumental in helping create the welcoming culture that the club offers its members. His charisma and background in the culinary arts are pivotal in creating some of the most memorable dining experiences for the members and their guests. With over a decade of experience managing business development for a bank and a hedge fund, Costa is responsible for the operations and growth of the business.

The Vintage Conservatory offers a carefully engineered wine storage facility for private collections, as well as an event venue with a lounge and two private dining rooms. Menus for its events are customized for the bottles members choose to open. Its three pillars are wine, friendship and business.

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The Vintage Conservatory was introduced to Providence Healthcare by Costa’s and Peter’s friends and mentors, Kanish Thevarasa and Kulwant Mann. Both are long-time supporters of Providence – Kanish & Partners is a chardonnay sponsor at Cuisine & Cuvée this year!

Something special about Providence
Costa and Andrew receive many charitable requests each year, but say there is something special about Providence that makes them proud to be among its supporters. They support both Cuisine & Cuvée and the Silver Ball each year. (In fact, The Vintage Conservatory donates an amazing prize every year to the Silver Ball – a private meal for 20, which raises thousands of dollars annually!)

For Andrew, his connection to Providence has become more meaningful recently. He has become acutely aware of hospitals, including their strengths and limitations, through his family. He wishes his mother could have been a Providence patient because of its approach to compassionate care, but geography prevented it.

Favourite event
But it isn’t just the cause that attracts Andrew to support Providence. He says Cuisine & Cuvée is his favourite event of the year – high praise from someone who puts on 600 events a year himself! “It’s just a great event! The good energy, feeling of community, the gracious volunteers, and the fact that there are never any interruptions to the party!”