A popular Beach restaurant returns to Cuisine & Cuvée!


We’re delighted the team from Outrigger Restaurant will be back again at Cuisine & Cuvée this year. The popular Beach restaurant has become a fan favourite. We had a chance to sit down with Eddy D’Cruz, son of the founder Vincent D’Cruz, to discuss why the family restaurant supports Cuisine & Cuvée.

What’s the history of Outrigger?
My father opened the Outrigger six years ago in the Beach area of Toronto. Our family immigrated to Canada from Bahrain. My father gained his experience at The Oberoi in Mumbai, one of India’s great hotels, and was the Vice President of operations at the Pickle Barrel for a number of years. At the time we opened, there were a lot of popular bars in the Beach, but not many great restaurants. Our idea was to offer a welcoming feeling of great community, great food and great value.”

How did you get introduced to Providence Healthcare Foundation?
I was introduced to Providence by Tom Zoras, the owner of Jawny Bakers’ Restaurant – another vendor at Cuisine & Cuvée. Tom invited me to one of the MAPP events (Men Advancing Philanthropy for Providence), where I watched the men voting on what they would be adopting as their annual project [they select one project each year to fund and support]. I was blown away when after the annual project was voted in, one of the MAPP members [longtime Providence friend George Macri, President of JG Cordone Investments] spontaneously announced he would personally fund one of the ideas that didn’t get selected, because he was so passionate about it!

What was it that made you want to get involved with Cuisine & Cuvée?
It was the spirit of giving that I witnessed – everyone was generous and positive. That told me that Providence was a great fit for Outrigger. We are a very values-based family and business. Our values are honesty, hard work and integrity.  We believe strongly in giving back to the community.

I think everyone should attend a Providence event or visit the hospital for a tour. New donors should realize it’s not HOW much you give; it’s the fact that you ARE giving. Everyone can make a difference!

Any special surprises at Cuisine & Cuvée this year?
Our avocado salmon bruschetta was a big hit last year, so we will be doing something similar – a classic with a twist and easy to eat with one hand!