We get by with the help of our friends


TLAC Printing

We are delighted that TLAC Printing has joined the team for this year’s Cuisine & Cuvee, as our Official Signage Donor. Not only is TLAC a great printer, but it is a small company making a big impact – kind of like Providence Healthcare!

You probably don’t even think about it when you attend an event, but the signage can make your event function well – or not. We’ve got it down to a science after 17 years of running Cuisine & Cuvee, but we rely on TLAC to make our vision become reality.

TLAC is not your average printer. Their people like the content of the work they produce as much as the way it looks. They are drawn to stories and often collaborate with clients to help them tell their stories. As well as the regular services you would expect from a printer, they also help people with memoir and self-publishing, and they even have a ghost-writing service.

Founder Miraz Manji says: “One of my favourite parts of working at TLAC is helping individuals create their personal memoirs to share with family and friends. After learning about the important work of Providence, I knew immediately that all your patients must have interesting stories to tell, so it just felt right to get involved with Providence.”

It is those stories that drive TLAC to support local charities. Says Miraz: “I grew up with a passion for helping others. Actively helping our community is a part of our work culture. It is important to us.”


Listro Entertainment

Signs help to get you to the event, but music is part of what keeps you there. Listro Entertainment is returning this year to provide DJ services and live entertainment that will have you dancing while you sample the food and beverages of Cuisine & Cuvee.

Explaining why he got involved with Providence as a Special Friend of Cuisine & Cuvee, DJ/musician Sean Listro says: “What’s not to like about Cuisine & Cuvee? Bring people together to enjoy gourmet food, all while supporting a great cause….I am happy to be part of such a giving community.”

He adds: “I am most looking forward to being on the main stage this year! I have a lot of fun things planned, which I think people will really enjoy. I’m also very excited to meet new people and enjoy all the delicious food!”

With the slogan “Hear it your way”, Listro curates the perfect soundtrack to heighten your enjoyment and make you remember the event long after it’s over.

If you haven’t organized your ticket for this year’s event yet, you need to get on it! We are almost sold out!